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Download Cupid wallpaper.

Whether your website focuses on romance or you simply want to celebrate Valentine's Day by adding in a fresh design, finding the perfect wallpaper can present a challenge. The last thing you want is a design that looks just like every other website out there, yet you don't want to spend countless hours creating a brand new look for a single holiday that lasts only one day. Fortunately, you don't have to spend a ton of time hunting for graphics for a background. Instead, you can use one of the free designs provided here.

Two Valentine Backgrounds to Download

Cupids in Pink

This wallpaper is a pale pink with darker pink Cupids. The Cupids have a bow and arrow and are ready to shoot out love darts to unsuspecting website visitors.

  • To download this wallpaper, simply click on the image above. You will then need to right click and save the image to your desktop, then upload it to your website.
  • Since this background is busy, you'll want to use it as an accent around the edges with a solid color space in the center. Otherwise, text will be difficult for readers to view.

Pink and Purple Hearts

pink and purple hearts wallpaper
Download pink and purple hearts wallpaper.

This beautiful wallpaper offers typical Valentine's Day colors that will sweeten up your webpage design. The hearts are side by side, representing true loves walking through life next to one another.

  • To access this wallpaper, click the image to the right. Then, right click and save the image to a folder on your desktop before uploading it to your website.
  • As with the Cupids wallpaper above, you'll probably want to use this background as an accent rather than the main background image where text will reside.

More Options for No-Cost Love-Themed Wallpaper

The following resources are some of the best sites where you'll find high quality wallpapers. These wallpapers are all focused on the theme of love, dating or Valentine's Day.

  • Design Maz - This site offers some truly beautiful backgrounds, including a pale pink collection of heirloom hearts, simple images that can be used to create online cards and graphics that can be implemented into a larger background design.
  • Freepik - A site that offers more than 2,200 images in the romance category. You'll find abstract wallpapers of hearts, couples dancing across a dark background, flowers and hearts.
  • Naldz Graphics - This web graphics blog lists and displays 44 excellent examples of high quality Valentine wallpaper.
  • PS Deluxe - This popular tutorial blog offers a list of 50 very high quality wallpapers that you can use for your new Valentine's Day design.
  • Valentine's Corner - This site provides a very good variety of love-themed images to choose from that you can use as a background for a website or even your computer desktop.
  • Webweaver's Free Clipart - These background options are already softened in color so that they're ready to use on your website right away.

How to Install Web Page Wallpaper

Installing a background for your web page is very easy. If the page already exists, just look for the tag that starts with "BODY". You'll find tag properties for the body of the web page after this tag. The simplest way to add new Valentine wallpaper to your page is by adding the following code to the BODY section of your HTML.

<BODY BACKGROUND="valentineimage.gif">

This code uses the image you've defined and repeats it across the web page to create a background for your page. Since it can take a few moments for your web page to load when you use an image as your background, some web designers use a technique that involves coloring the page until the background image replaces it. You can do this with the following code.

<BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" BACKGROUND="valentineimage.gif">

You can choose the hex code for the background color by using a hex color generator. Keep in mind that the background color will only appear for a few seconds, or however long it takes for the background image to load.

Choosing Valentine Wallpaper

When you are browsing through the available designs and trying to pick the perfect Valentine background for your web page, keep in mind the general color scheme of the images, text and headers already on your site and choose a background that complements those.

If your overall site design is dark with light text, try to keep the image you choose very dark in color as well. If you choose images that have white or light-colored patterns, it could interfere with the appearance of the text on the page.

Usage Considerations

Using Valentine images on a website is not a very drastic change to a page, but altering the entire background has a dramatic impact. If you decide to use Valentine wallpaper for your site, you may want to create a brand new page just for the design. This way you can devote an entire page to content about love and relationships without altering the overall look and feel of your whole website. However, there are cases where you may actually want to use a Valentine wallpaper throughout your entire site, such as if you have a website devoted to relationships, dating, love or even Valentine's Day.

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