Valentines Day Pictures

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One of the most important things that you can do with your website during Valentines Day is to incorporate lots of Valentines Day pictures throughout the main page. By updating your web page according to current holidays, like Valentines Day, you are showing your readers that your website gets updated frequently, and that the content on your site is timely and relevant.

Adding Valentines Day Pictures to Your Website

The thing with decorating your website for just about any holiday is that it is very easy to overdo. If you change the majority of your website imagery over to Valentines Day pictures, the page will look cheesy and overdone, unless the entire focus of your website is Valentines Day. However, just about any website devoted to any topic can benefit from occasional holiday-related photos. If you are looking for ways to incorporate Valentine's Day into your website, follow the guidelines below, and then use the resources at the bottom of this article to find the perfect pictures for your own website.

How to Incorporate Valentine's Day Into Your Site

If you have a website about Valentine's Day, then obviously placing a whole bunch of Valentines Day pictures throughout the site makes sense. However, if you're just looking to adorn your website about some other topic with pictures that are appropriate for the time of year, there are different approaches you can take that would have a positive impact on the aesthetics and the quality of your website. Here are a few ideas that might help.

  • Have a holiday giveaway. If you want to attract as many people to your website as possible, a giveaway is always an excellent solution. A Valentine's Day giveaway could feature a gift basket or even a gift certificate for dinner-for-two at a major restaurant chain. Highlight the giveaway with a large Valentine picture in the sidebar of your website which links to the sign-up page.
  • Use small borders or frames. If you want to update your main page with a few holiday-related images, a fun thing you can do is just to make small touches here and there by framing text or pictures with Valentine's-related frames, or separating text with a line of hearts as one example.
  • Change the header image. You don't even have to make a lot of changes to your web page to transform it for the holidays. Some webmasters that have a website with a large image for a header will simply update that header image with a holiday-related one. One example of this is how Google constantly changes the Google logo to match a particular anniversary or significant event.
  • Write a holiday-related entry. One of the easiest ways to update your website for Valentine's day is to write a feature article with Valentine's Day as the theme. For example, if you have a craft website, put together a guide on how to make a heart pillow. If you have a gardening website, write an article about which flowers make the best gift.

By being creative with how you insert Valentine's Day pictures into your website, you can offer holiday-related imagery without overwhelming the reader.

Where to Find Pictures for Valentine's Day

The following are the best resources to find free images that you can use on your site for Valentine's Day. In some cases, you need to provide a link back to the site before using the photos, so make sure to check the guidelines before using any of these images on your own site.

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Valentines Day Pictures